Hi badass, my name is June and I’m Booty Club’s founder. I’ve studied Law and worked within a Law firm for years. Next to this I’ve always had a great passion for working out. After getting the Personal Training Certification by Charles Poliquin, I initiated my personal training business and my Booty Camps, since I developed an interest for the Glutes (booty!). By watching many video’s, reading a lot about these particular muscles and integrating these booty exercises into my routine at the gym, I gained great insight of what works and what does not.
Booty Camp was an outdoor workout where the shaping and lifting of the booty, in combination with a high intensity training, are the point of focus. Considering the cold weather in The Netherlands during fall and winter, I started thinking about a new and exciting place to continue my Booty Camps. My goal has always been to create a fun and ‘party-type’ of atmosphere, without the workouts losing their intensity. These aspirations have resulted in a new concept named BOOTY CLUB.



Hi girls, I’m Nawa Sira and I’m working as a Personal Trainer. Besides that I’m a hip hop dancer as well. In addition to the many sports and performing I do, I also developed myself as a teacher and mentor and I support various people in achieving their goals. A good and fun atmosphere is one of the most important things in my classes, but that doesn’t mean that the workout won’t be tough, challenging and sweaty. As a dancer I’m used to train for hours, even when I’m tired or don’t feel like it, so giving up is not part of my vocabulary. Since I’m a DJ as well, I know the latest booty bangers on which we’re gonna set that booty on fire!

 Be prepared when joining my class: We don’t sweat, we sparkle ;)



Hiiiii girls, my name is Jazz Dieters and I’m living in Amsterdam for 6 years now. Since I was a little girl I really love sports, from dancing to playing tennis. For my work, as a cabin attendant, I fly all over the world and love to discover new places and cultures. In this way I can perfectly combine my passion for healthy food, sports and travelling.

Together with my sister Zoï, I started teaching Bodypump a few years ago. Together we like to make a party of every workout, just like our bootyclub classes! With bootyshaking music, positive vibes, laughing and challenging excercises we let our booty burn.

I’m proud to be part of this team and can’t wait to work that assss!



Hola chica’s,

Nice to meet you! My name is Zoï, 25 years old, living in Amsterdam. Just like my sister Jazz, I am crazy about sports, healthy food and travelling. We have been teaching BodyPump classes for 4 years and we are super excited to teach Bootyclub classes as well.

Next to working as a trainer, I am the owner of my own company ‘The Greenspiration’. We advise other companies to create a green and healthy working environment.

Our promise for the Bootyclub classes: a fun, energetic and challenging workout. We will motivate you to challenge yourself to the fullest.

Shake that booty girls, see you soon in class!



Hi galls,

My name is Odette and you might know me from bouncing around in the sand at Strand Zuid or at any park in our lovely European Big Apple. Or should we say the city of peaches? Because since June started Booty Club, a lot of booty’s in Amsterdam got upgraded – Beyonce style. Anyway, besides teaching booty classes outdoors I love giving HIIT training. Fast-paced high-intensity full body workouts – of course on the latest energy pumping beats carefully selected by myself  For me getting fit is not about getting that 100% perfect beach body you might initially have in mind (because, you know, pizza is life too). Getting fit is about feeling stronger mentally and being in a better mindset to deal with everyday life. I hope that everyone joining Booty Club achieves a certain level of strength and happiness through training with us, body and mind – then our mission is accomplished!