Hi badass, my name is June and I’m Booty Club’s founder. I’ve studied Law and worked within a Law firm for years. Next to this I’ve always had a great passion for working out. After getting the Personal Training Certification by Charles Poliquin, I initiated my personal training business and my Booty Camps, since I developed an interest for the Glutes (booty!). By watching many video’s, reading a lot about these particular muscles and integrating these booty exercises into my routine at the gym, I gained great insight of what works and what does not.
Booty Camp was an outdoor workout where the shaping and lifting of the booty, in combination with a high intensity training, are the point of focus. Considering the cold weather in The Netherlands during fall and winter, I started thinking about a new and exciting place to continue my Booty Camps. My goal has always been to create a fun and ‘party-type’ of atmosphere, without the workouts losing their intensity. These aspirations have resulted in a new concept named BOOTY CLUB.



Hi girls, I’m Nawa Sira and I’m working as a Personal Trainer. Besides that I’m a hip hop dancer as well. In addition to the many sports and performing I do, I also developed myself as a teacher and mentor and I support various people in achieving their goals. A good and fun atmosphere is one of the most important things in my classes, but that doesn’t mean that the workout won’t be tough, challenging and sweaty. As a dancer I’m used to train for hours, even when I’m tired or don’t feel like it, so giving up is not part of my vocabulary. Since I’m a DJ as well, I know the latest booty bangers on which we’re gonna set that booty on fire!

 Be prepared when joining my class: We don’t sweat, we sparkle ;)



Hey Booty girls! My name is Laurèl and, born and raised in Amsterdam and a craver for the gym. My passion for working out has started just a few years ago, but has grown into a love for working out and living a balanced life. This balance in my life is held by enjoying workouts, eating healthy but still having fun partying and seeing friends. 

Booty Club combines those balanced elements in a way where the classes are not just a workout. However it is an hour full of joy, music, sweat and a hardcore training.  

Ever since I have been working out many girls asked me for tips on how to grow the booty the best way, and I always find pleasure in giving those tips so I can help anyone to achieve their goals! Being asked to join the Booty Club fam has made me super excited and I’m so ready to kick ass together!